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 Gray 1KG 3D Printer filament PLA 1.75mm
Gray 1KG 3D Printer filament PLA 1.75mm
Brand :Megatronics Pk
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Price:PKR 1800.00
Gray 1KG 3D Printer filament PLA 1.75mm

This quality PLA printer filament is ideal from your 3D printing needs and suitable for both professional and casual printing jobs. We Have a wide range of bright colours that produce tough and durable prints.

PLA filament Polymer properties.

Color: As shown in photo.
Print temperature: 190-225°C
Raft temperature: 190°C
First layer temperature: 225°C
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Weight value is all filament, not including Reel weight.

1.75mm filaments suit for all the 3D printers as follows:

Prusa i3, Makerbot printer, UP printer, Afinia printer, Solidoodle printer, Delta printer, Huxley printer, leapfrog.
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