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 Professional Pencil Sharpener cutter
Professional Pencil Sharpener cutter
SKU : SPS1-G44
Stock : 245pcs
Price:PKR 5.00
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Professional Pencil Sharpener cutter

The pencil sharpener is made by introducing Japanese steel and technology. The blade is bright, sharp, and wear-resistant.
It is characterized by its low price and high durability. Your cherished eyebrow pencil, lip pencil, etc. 
color. : Red, blue, white, green and purple are randomly distributed. Each one is beautiful

When the hole collar is used, the hole diameter is 5.6mm and it is suitable for thinning the lip liner.

When the eye shadow pen is pulled out of the circle, the aperture is 8mm, which is suitable for rolling the standard eyebrow pencil and lipstick pen. Angle 34°

Colors: Blue, White, Red, Green, Purple, Random will be Sent
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