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Items Discontinued
SKU : SR1-C129
Brand :Megatronics Pk
Stock : Out of Stock
Price:PKR 30.00
This Retractable Tape Measure is adorable and compact handy tool of the measurement
·Portable retractable centimeter/inch tape measure
·Soft durability and allows for long standouts
·Centimeter and inch graduation, high point measure 3750px
·Press the button on surface , the measuring will turn back automatically
·Great used to measure clothes length, waist circumference, height and head circumference of growingbaby.
·Practical Convenient Home Essential
·Plastic case.
·Color: Red, Blue,Yellow
·Item size: 50mm*10mm
·Measure size: 150cm
Note: the inch on this tape is chinese inch which is equal to 3.33CM while US inch equal to 2.54CM
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