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 DIY A4 Cutting Mat Rubber Stamp Sculpture assistant pad
DIY A4 Cutting Mat Rubber Stamp Sculpture assistant pad
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DIY A4 Cutting Mat Rubber Stamp Sculpture Mat 220mm x 300mm assistant pad

The biggest feature of the cutting mat is that the knife mark will heal automatically. No matter how deep the cut is, as long as you don't tear down the entire rubber layer, it will be restored in a few days. Moreover, this thing really protects the blade, and one blade can top the time of 4, 5 tablets.

Material: PVC material, special matte eye green treatment, good quality, good self-recovery, no trace left after cutting, repeated cutting is not affected, not reflective, no skid, blade durability is particularly high, can be used both positive and negative

Features: Professional use of cutting board, the use of a raw material through five special processing technology, more than three times the service life of domestic cutting board

Applicable: all kinds of writing, drawing finished use, craft paper carving, negative film cutting, the best tool for model making, can also be used as desktop and mouse pad
Features :
1.Guide markings can help to measure different types of paper and card accurately and minimize cutting errors.
2.Cutting mat with PVC material, good quality, good self restoring force, leaving no traces after cutting, can be reused, non-reflective, not slip, blade with durability.
3.The mats are made to be incredibly durable, being capable of withstanding very sharp crafts blades. Non-slip surface for cutting paper, card and other materials.
4.Preprinted different guidelines on double sides ensure accurate, measured cutting.
5.Come with marking grids for accurate cutting
6.It's the best tool for craft paper sculpture, film cutting, a version of the model. It can also be use as desktop material and will not dull blade.
Specification :
Material: PVC
Size: 0.3*20*30cm
Weight: 300g
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