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 UBTECH Alpha1 humanoid ROBOT chassis with 16 servo
UBTECH Alpha1 humanoid ROBOT chassis with 16 servo
Brand :Megatronics Pk
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Price:PKR 14500.00
UBTECH Alpha1 Pro Intelligent ROBOT chassis with 16 servos and battery installed, no controller board.

Built with 16 servo joints, this futuristic robot is able to perform various highly complex actions with ease while achieving incredible human simulation.
The Alpha 1 Pro has a body articulated via 16 motor servos – like joints with their corresponding muscles, but, y’know, machinery. That gives it a superb range of movement. It can dance, walk, play football and do kung-fu
He’s a buff little fella, all puffed-out chest and broad shoulders, and looks much like the leaner brother of WowWee’s iconic Robosapien V2 from a decade ago. Or perhaps the scheming love-child of Honda Asimo. He’s a pretty generic-looking humanoid robot.
Alpha’s probably about as big as you’re expecting – certainly as I was expecting. He’s 40cm tall, and he weighs in at 1.65kg. As with most bipedal robots with a similar range of movement, he’s all floppy when he’s turned off and the servos are powered down. Don’t expect to be able to stand him up for display in his downtime.
Made of White plastic and silver metal of those 16 servos at all the joints. The eyes and ears house LEDs that indicate the Alpha’s status, as do all the servos.

This package includes:
1: UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro ROBOT chassis
2: 16 I2C Servos High quality
3: 2200mAh lipo battery
Battery and servos are pre installed in the ROBOT chassis
This ROBOT does not conatin any controller board, you need to install controller board Eg Arduino board and do your own software to run it.
the price mentioned is not even half for 16 HQ servo and battery
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