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 74LS47N BCD To 7 Segment Decoder driver
74LS47N BCD To 7 Segment Decoder driver
SKU : 74LS47-K79S1
Stock : 341pcs
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74LS47N BCD To 7 Segment Decoder driver

7-segment BCD decoder with open collector outputs. For use with common anode displays. TTL Original
Convert 4-line BCD code (8421) to 7-segment numeral code
Use with common anode displays
Outputs in open collector that can directly handle segments of LED's or incandescent lamps
Display test function (turn on all segments)
Blanking input (turns off all segments) or controls brightness intensity by a pulsing signal
The outputs can absorb 24mA in the activated state (logical zero) and handle up to 15 V in the deactivated state (Logic 1)
Technology: TTL Low Schottky (LS)
Supply voltage: 4.75 V to 5.25 V
Encapsulated: PDIP 16 pins
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