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 FQD300 spindle motor VFD Inverter 1.5KW Governor V
FQD300 spindle motor VFD Inverter 1.5KW Governor V
Brand :Megatronics Pk
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Price:PKR 18000.00
FQD300 spindle Inverter 1.5KW motor Governor VFD inverter

Demo video:

- allows 20% of voltage fluctuations, withstand a torque of 200% from the starting current
stable output current, the braking capacity is strong, ensuring the normal operation of the machine
- perfect protection function, overload, over current, over voltage, under voltage, missing phase, short circuit protection, and leak protection
- many control functions, application, much speed, program works, PID control, three and two control type lines, programmable up to eight input ports, fully satisfy different applications
technical data:
-Model: FC300
- input voltage: single-phase 220 V
- frequency input: 50-60 Hz
- output voltage: three-phase 0-220 V
- output current: 7.0A
- strength: 1.5kw
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