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 130SH 3-6V DC brush motor pinion plastic gear
130SH 3-6V DC brush motor pinion plastic gear
SKU : MTR130SH-K43S1
Stock : 327pcs
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130SH-22103 precious metal brush 3-6V DC motor with 12 Teeth plastic pinion gear
The parameters of the 130SH-22103 motor are as follows:
Compact, efficient, lightweight, and powerful
shaft diameter: 2.0mm
shaft length 8.5mm
motor size: 15.3 x 20.2mm
wight 24g
Voltage: 3 V Speed: 8600 rpm
Voltage: 4.5 V Speed: 12500 rpm
Voltage: v V Speed: 14000 rpm
No-load current: 0.09 A Blocking current: 2 A
No-load current: 0.12 A Blocking current: 3 A
Voltage: 6 V Speed: 15500 rpm
No-load current: 0.15 A Blocking current: 4 A

For ordinary DC motors, the higher the voltage, the greater the power of the motor and the greater the torque. However, the larger the current, the greater the power consumption, and the more likely the motor is to generate heat. Please determine the operating voltage according to your own environment and requirment.
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