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 20Teeth 5mm M4 GT2 Pulley Aluminum Dual Bearings 2GT-20
20Teeth 5mm M4 GT2 Pulley Aluminum Dual Bearings 2GT-20
SKU : 20TGT2-K20
Stock : 194pcs
Price:PKR 300.00
20 Teeth 5mm M4 GT2 Idler Pulley Aluminum Dual Ball bearing

An idler pulley is used to support movement and change direction of a taught timing belt. All timing belts must operate under tension and this tension is maintained by the idler pulley. Used extensively on 3D printers and other CNC machines, this idler pulley can be mount in various ways to suite your design. It is perfect for 6mm timing belt and includes two pressed bearings with a 5mm bore to support low friction movement.

Two flanged lips on either side of the GT2 tooth profile face ensure that the timing belt stays on its path. The aluminium construction offers a lightweight and durable solution to your timing belt linear motion system.
Timing Belt Pulley With Bearing For 3D Printer 20T GT2
High quality aluminum, precision working, durable in use
Its pitch is short, a more uniform transmission
Compared with the T2.5 timing pulley, the GT2 pulley tooth profile is anti-backlash
It gives better smoothness and accuracy of positioning, resulting in better printing quality
Take-up high quality Aluminum Alloy material strong and durable type H synchronous pulley, surface oxidation treatment, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion effectively
- each side mounted with bearings

technical data
material: Aluminum alloy
size: 9 * 17mm
diameter: 5mm
teeth: 20 (T)
pitch : 2mm
Tape width: 6mm
color: silver
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