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 XH-M601 12V Smart Battery Charging Control Board battery cut off
XH-M601 12V Smart Battery Charging Control Board battery cut off
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XH-M601 Battery Charging Control Board 12V Intelligent Charger Power Supply

Simple circuit that allows you to charge a battery by inserting and disconnecting an external charger, based on the actual battery voltage. Two precision trimmers on the circuit board allow you to adjust the trigger voltage and deflection, below and above the relay must be switched on and off. Usually a range of 12.4V and 14.8V is correct for a lead accumulator, those commonly installed in motor vehicles and motor vehicles. The relay excitation will automatically connect a charger to reset the charge that will automatically be interrupted as soon as it is charged. We also have the option of connecting a small voltmeter as a charge monitor, thanks to the dedicated screw terminal block.

Model: XH-M601
Relay input voltage: 12.4V (adjustable)
Relay Disconnection Voltage: 14.8V (adjustable)
Tolerance: ± 0.1V

Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 18mm
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