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 5S 18.5V 15A 18650 BMS Battery Protection Board
5S 18.5V 15A 18650 BMS Battery Protection Board
SKU : 5SBMS15A3-H72
Stock : 47pcs
Price:PKR 400.00
5S 15A 18.5v 18650 BMS Battery Protection Board Lithium Charger PCB

Electronic system 5S working as a protection of batteries against excessive unloading. This module also assures the function of the battery charger.
It allows you to build a safe battery pack that does not have to be charged with special chargers for li-ion batteries.
 The 2-in-1 module was created to keep the cells in the best possible condition, not allowing them to be overcharged or over-discharged.
Short-circuit protection.
Overcharge protection.
Overcharge protection.
Overcurrent protection.
Can be used for various 3.7V lithium cells.
Compact size and light weight.
Ensure the safety of the battery.
Dimensions: 98.5x12x3.7mm
Charging voltage: 21V
Continuous discharge current: 15A
Continuous charging current (upper limit): 15A
Delay of protection against excessive charging: 0.5S
This motherboard is 5 string 3.7 v / 4.2v lithium battery protection board
High current protection board, continuous 15A current
Protection of the board with protection against overcharging, excessive discharge protection, excess current, protection against short circuits.
P + P - is the abbreviation of PACKAGE + PACK - that is, positive output and negative poles
B + B is a shortcut from a battery that is on the positive and negative pole of the battery.
PCB board size: (approx.) 8.8x1.6 cm / 3.46x0.63 "
Detailed parameters:
Continuous current discharge: 15A (max)
Momentary discharge current: 25A
Charging voltage: 21 volts
Charging current: 15A (max)
Overload Protection:
Over charging it detects: 4.28 ± 05 v
Protect delays: 0.5 sec
Over-oplata release: 4.28 ± 05 v
Excessive discharge of protection:
Excessive discharging detection: 2.55 ± 08 v
Excessive delay detection: 0.1 s
Release the voltage: 2.9 ± 1 v
Short-circuit Protection:
Protect the condition: Cut load
Detect delays: 250uS
Release the state: Cut load
Excess Protection Current:
Voltage detection: 150mV
Detect latencies: 9 ms
Detection current: 30 ± 3A
Release the state: Cut load
Internal Resistance: =20mO
Operating current: =30uA
Power sleep: (when over-charge) =10uA
Temperature range: -30- + 80 ?
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