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 HT12E remote control encoder IC
HT12E remote control encoder IC
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HT12E is a series of encoder most commonly used in remote control applications. It contains totally 12 input pins in which 4 pins are used for data/address bits (AD8-AD11) and 8 pins for address bits (A0-A7) for safe transmission of data for security purposes.

The unique function of HT12E is to convert 12 bit parallel data inputs into serial data output (pin17) and then it is modulated and transmitted using the RF transmitter module. The power consumption is very low and the standby current is 0.1µA at 5V.
HT12E Encoder IC main function is to convert parallel data into serial data. It encodes the given input data and sends the output from the output pin. This output data sent to the decoder and after that data transferred. This has an inbuilt Crystal oscillator helpful for data transmission. This IC works “5 V” but operates in wide range voltage from 2.4 V -12 V. The supply pin connected with “5 V” and ground pin to ground. The data transmission will begin if the Transmission Enable pin connected to ground. For decoding a data, we require an oscillator. The oscillator connected with a resistor “1 M” ohm in 15th & 16th pin. The data has to be sent through AD0 to AD1. The address of these pins has to be set from A0 – A7. The decoder should have the same address as of the encoder so that data transmission will occur.

The HT12E Encoder IC starts working by giving enable signal to the Transmission Enable pin. The 4-word data encoded until the TE pin enabled. The output produced when the enable pin goes to HIGH. This encoder is in a standby state until the output encoding.

Encoder combined with the decoder IC
4 data pins & 8 address pins
Commonly used for RF and IR wireless transmission
Supply Voltage-2.4 V to 12 V
Current- 0.1uA at Vcc=5 V
Noise Resistant
Used for converting Parallel to serial data.
Wireless communication application involving RF.
Used in Home automation for remote switching.
Burglars alarm system, Fire alarm etc.
Garage doors, Car alarm system, Car door controls etc.

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