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 Two Channel 5V Relay USB Control Switch Module
Two Channel 5V Relay USB Control Switch Module
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Two Channel 5V Relay USB Control Switch Module


- The module uses HID technology, don't need any driver, support for Windows 7, XP 32-bit, 64-bit systems, easy to use.
- Onboard USB interface, connection stability.
- Use imported high-performance USB controller chip, work more stable.
- Using genuine Songle relay.
- High grade PCB board production.
- Board with power outlets and terminals, two kinds of access to power is flexible. After connecting the power, even if the computer off or unplug the USB from the computer, the relay can also remains set.
- PCB size: 56.5 x 40.6mm
- Fixing holes size: 3mm, fixing hole central moments: 52.2 x 36.6mm

- Input voltage: DC 5 V
- Input current: greater than 300mA
- Wiring method: NC/COM/NO
- Relay parameters:
- Maximum control AC 250V, 10A AC load and maximum DC 30V 10A DC load

- Module application:
- Home smart switch control, hotel smart switch, hotel intelligent electrical control, intelligent greenhouse, shopping mall smart switch, company plant intelligent switch, Internet cafe timing management, karaoke OK timing control, object networking, industrial control equipment, test equipment power control, street light management , intelligent management, centralized power management, etc.

- Note: Due to the characteristics of the USB protocol, this module is not suitable for use in areas with large electromagnetic interference!If you want to use, please do electromagnetic shielding and buy a good USB cable with electromagnetic shielding.
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