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 XL4015 5A DC StepDown Buck supply Module Voltmeter
XL4015 5A DC StepDown Buck supply Module Voltmeter
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XL4015 5A DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Buck Module LED with Voltmeter

The onboard volts display makes it easy to adjust the output voltage to any value between 1.25V -35V. The power supply you use will determine the higher voltage value e.g. a 24V power supply will give you a max voltage for your module of around 23.5V. Although this module can deliver up to 5A it is recommended to use it at 4,5A, you can use it with 5A for short periods.

XL4015 Adjustable Step-Down Module with display 5A spec

Input voltage 4.0 ~ 38V. (Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage 1.5v more)
Adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V ~ 35V continuously adjustable.
Output current up to 5A, is recommended in 4.5A.
Output power up to 75W.
High conversion efficiency, up to 96% (efficiency and input and output voltage, current, pressure related)
Load Regulation S (I) 0.8%, voltage regulation S (u) 0.8%
with thermal protection and short circuit protection
Use a multimeter to check the output voltage and adjust the potentiometer
Voltage control

 - Input voltage: 4.5V-38V
- Output voltage: 1.25-36.5V
- Current output: 4.5A (max 5A)
- Output power: 75W maximum
- Operating temperature: -40 to + 85 ºC
- Operating frequency: 180KHz
- Efficiency conversion: up to 96%
- Short circuit protection: Yes (limited current 8A)
- Protection over temperature: the output switches off automatically
- Size: 62mm x 38mm x 15mm

Principal functions:
- Step-down converter with overcurrent protection
- Li-Po battery charger, Li-Ion
- LED Driver for LED diodes
- Voltmeter up to 40V, remember to set the input voltage to 4.5V

LED display shows the measurement of the input voltage and the output LED indicator In LED OUT.
The left button to turn off the screen.
The right button is used to change the measurement result.
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