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 W5058 electromagnetic alarm door window buzzer
W5058 electromagnetic alarm door window buzzer
SKU : W5058A-J50S3
Stock : 2pcs
Price:PKR 150.00
W5058 electromagnetic door window alarm

Main parts specifications: length 6.2cm width 3cm height 2cm
accessories specifications: length 5.4cm width 1.3cm height 1.1cm
police horn loudness: 70-80 decibel
power supply: 3×1.5V LR44 button battery (installed in the mainframe, normal use time can be up to one year)

How to use: This product is easy to install. Simply attach the main and auxiliary parts to the door and door frame, or the two windows, and align them (leave a gap of about 5 mm). When someone illegally opens the door or window (the relative position of the main and auxiliary parts changes), the alarm can sound a strong alarm to warn the intruder to leave. When you want to open the door or window, you can control it by the switch. It is suitable for theft prevention of residential houses, offices, store counters, etc.
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