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 Megatronics power bank 2000mAh with torch compass
Megatronics power bank 2000mAh with torch compass
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Megatronics portable power bank 2000mAh with torch compass real capacity Megatronics cell

Best portable power bank real capacity MGT2KPB Mobile Phone Charger Power bank is ideal for keeping your mobile device topped up and charged whilst on the move and give you the features of lighting for long time and equipped with compass as well.
The 2000mAh battery is enough for 1 complete charge for an average mobile phone - giving hours and hours of use, on torch it can last for days and nights. 
double press to turn on the LED light and then on each single press led change its function to blinking, low and high intensity.
allowing you to charge the device (from a regular USB such as computer to plug) which can be reversed to allow charging of power bank from almost any USB port device.  For other devices, you can simply plug in your own USB cable to allow quick charging on the move.

Model: MGT2KPB
Color: Black and white Random will be sent
Capacity: 2000mAh 18650 Megatronics cell
Other features: High Intensity LED light very good for indoor and outdoor use with long back and compass for adventures.

Packing list : MGT2KPB power bank with torch compass in PE packing.
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