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 Single side 200x300mm PCB CNC engraved prototyping
Single side 200x300mm PCB CNC engraved prototyping
SKU : PCB2030
Stock : 1000pcs
Price:PKR 3000.00
Single sided 200x300mm PCB CNC engraved prototyping using isolation milling technique.
get fabricated your single side 20x30CM (200x300mm) PCB with neat finish from CNC machines as soon as one week, A quick solution for testing your PCB prototype.
Size: 200x300mm
Board thickness 1.6mm
copper 1oz
No solder mask

Send us your PCB files at:
Lead time about one week. quoted prices is for PCB only, no soldering and components.

Accepted tools are Eagle CAD, pcb-gcode, Mach 3 CNC.

Isolation size is a function of bit size and mill accuracy. Check your design carefully before you plan on using fancy SMT parts with densely packed pins.
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