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DC 12V 18600RPM high speed high power DIY hand drill motor

Motor diameter: 35.8 MM
Motor height: 57 MM
Motor output shaft diameter: 3.22 MM (knurled shaft)
Output shaft length: 15.5 MM (from the panel)
Voltage: DC 6 V   
No-load current: 0.92 A     
Speed: 9200 RPM

Voltage: DC7.2V   
No-load current: 0.96 A     
Speed: 11000 RPM

Voltage: DC9V   
No-load current: 1.2 A     
Speed: 1400 0 RPM

Voltage: DC12V   
No-load current: 1.3 A     
Speed: 18600 RPM

Motor weight: 256 g

     The materials used in this batch of motors are very thick, and they feel heavy on the hand. The magnetoresistance is very strong. The shaft resistance of the hand-turning motor is very large. It feels like a stepping motor and feels a lot of inside, DC12V. When the speed is 18600 rpm, the power and torque are very strong. When the power is tested, the sound is not quiet, but the sound is even, soft, and the sound is rustling. It is like a micro engine. It sounds like people feel it calm. The feeling of strength is strong.

    Note: High-power motors require high-power power supply. The current of the motor's power supply must be at least 10 A. If the current is too small, it will affect the power and torque of the motor.
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