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 DC 5V-7.2V high speed motor strong magnetic torque
DC 5V-7.2V high speed motor strong magnetic torque
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DC 5V-7.2V high speed high torque motor strong magnetic carbon brush with cooling hole

Motor specifications: 15.4*20.2 MM
Motor height: 32 MM
Output shaft: 2.0 MM
Output shaft length: 12 MM (from the panel)
Weight: 33 grams

Rated voltage: DC 5 V 
No-load current: 0.3 A       
No-load speed: 22000 rpm

Rated voltage: DC 6 V 
No-load current: 0.44 A       
No-load speed: 26000 rpm

Rated voltage: DC 7.2 V 
No-load current: 0.47 A       
No-load speed: 30800 rpm

       Ordinary DC brush motor, the higher the voltage, the higher the motor power, the faster the speed, the greater the torque, but the higher the current, the more likely it is to heat. If you increase its working voltage, its power and speed will increase again. This 180 motor itself is a high-power density RC motor. It is normal for heat to be generated. Please pay attention to the heat dissipation work, because the aircraft model is in the sky. Flying, its own cooling environment is very good, if it is used for other purposes, please pay attention to the heat dissipation environment.
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