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 DC5V-6V motor air fan micro blower centrifugal
DC5V-6V motor air fan micro blower centrifugal
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brushless worm DC5-6V motor fan humidifier mute large air  micro blower centrifugal
Rated voltage is DC5V, the applicable voltage is DC3V-9V, the size is small, but the air volume is OK, especially when pressurized to DC9V, the air volume is really good. 
DC3V current: 0.16 A impeller speed: 2060 rpm
DC3.7V Current: 0.2 A Impeller Speed: 3040 rpm
DC4.2V Current: 0.23 A Impeller Speed: 3360 rpm
DC5V current: 0.28 A impeller speed: 3790 rpm
DC6V current: 0.33 A impeller speed: 4220 rpm
DC9V current: 0.48 A impeller speed: 5400 rpm

The higher the voltage of the fan, the higher the speed of the impeller, greater the wind power, greater the power, but higher the current, more noise, and more prone to heat.

     Note: For DC brushless motor, the red wire is connected to the positive pole, the black wire is connected to the negative pole, and the positive and negative poles are not connected incorrectly. If connected with reverse polirities the driver board may be burnt out.
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