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 ZHI-1727 Electromagnet DC 5V-24V suction Solenoid
ZHI-1727 Electromagnet DC 5V-24V suction Solenoid
SKU : EM1224V-G14
Stock : 57pcs
Price:PKR 200.00
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ZHI-1727 Electromagnet 5V-12V-24V large suction Solenoid

High quality electromagnet, electromagnetic iron, solenoid electromagnet, model: ZHI1727. Originally designed for use in household appliances, vacuum cleaners, electromagnetic suction, small size, high efficiency, high suction, low power consumption, high quality electromagnet, easy to use, can generate large magnetic force when connected to DC power source, very suitable for DIY.

The current at DC12V is only 42 MA, which makes it very easy to pick up a 0.9 kg fan. This is not its maximum suction, because we can lift this fan when we reduce the voltage to DC7V (current is only 19 MA).

At a voltage of 24 V, the current is 83 MA, which can easily pick up a 1.2 KG iron block. This is not its maximum suction. Because there is no suitable fitting on the hand, it is not possible to test its maximum suction. Moreover, please pay attention to the smoothness of the suction surface and the smoothness of the surface to maximize the suction of the electromagnetic iron.
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