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 BC557 PNP Bi-Polar transistor DIP
BC557 PNP Bi-Polar transistor DIP
SKU : BC557-B175F11B
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BC557 PNP Bi-Polar transistor

ESuitable For use in Driver Stages of Audio Amplifiers, Low Noise Input
Stages of Tape Recorders, HI-FI Amplifiers, Signal Processing Circuits of Television
Receivers, switching.

Bi-Polar PNP Transistor
Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 0.3 W
Maximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 50 V
Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|: 45 V
Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage |Veb|: 5 V
Maximum Collector Current |Ic max|: 0.2 A
Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C
Transition Frequency (ft): 75 MHz
Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hFE), MIN: 75
Noise Figure, dB: -
DC Current Gain (hFE) is 300 maximum
Continuous Collector current (IC) is 100mA
Emitter Base Voltage (VBE) is 6V
Base Current(IB) is 5mA maximum
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