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 DC 3-7.2V motor brush strong magnetic high RPM
DC 3-7.2V motor brush strong magnetic high RPM
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3V 5V 7.2V DC motor Carbon brush strong magnetic torque

Its applicable voltage is DC3V-DC12V. When DC3V, the sound is very soft, but the power is very good. It can't be blocked by hand. At DC6V-7.2V, the sound is soft, but the power is very strong. . When the voltage is increased to DC12V, the noise is a little louder, but at this time its power and torque reach its peak, which is called a "violent" 370 motor. Another point is that its carbon brush uses a copper carbon brush (very good copper content), so the normal service life of this 370 motor must be quite good.

Motor outer diameter: 24.3 MM
Height: 30.7 MM (excluding front and rear bearing sleeves)
Output shaft: 2.0 MM
Axis length: 12.5 MM
Screw hole: M 3
Pitch: 17 MM
Weight: 45 g

Following test results with no-load speed and no-load current at various voltages:
Voltage: 3 V Speed: 7500 rpm Current: 0.16 A
Voltage: 6 V Speed: 15000 rpm Current: 0.22 A
Voltage: 7.2 V Speed: 18500 rpm Current: 0.24 A 
Voltage: 12 V Speed: 28800 rpm Current: 0.32 A
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