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 ZMCT103C AC 5A Current transformer single phase AC sensor CT
ZMCT103C AC 5A Current transformer single phase AC sensor CT
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ZMCT103C 5A Current transformer single phase AC sensor module

5A range of single-phase ac current sensor module can measure AC currents less than 5A, the corresponding analog output 5A/5mA. It has Onboard sampling resistor and precision microcurrent transformer do accurate sampling for the signal and appropriate compensation, and other functions. The module can measure within 5A current communication, corresponding to output analog quantity can be adjusted.

Specification and Features:
Dimensions: 28 x 12 x 15 mm(LxWxH).
Weight: 4 gm.
Rated input current: 5A
Rated output current: 5mA
Change: 1000: 1
The linear range: 0 ~ 10A (100 ohms)
Linearity: 0.2%
Precision Rating: 0.2
Uses isolation voltage: 3000V Measurement
Sealing material: epoxy resin
 Operating temperature: – 40 Celsius to + 70 Celsius
Onboard sampling resistor and micro-precision current transformer
Modules 5A can be measured within an alternating current, the analog output corresponding to 5A/5mA
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