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 8ohm 1W 20mm Audio Speaker Stereo Loudspeaker
8ohm 1W 20mm Audio Speaker Stereo Loudspeaker
SKU : 1WLS20m-Q18
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20mm Round 8Ohm 1W Micro Audio Speaker Stereo Loudspeaker 

This tiny 2cm diameter speaker produces 1 Watt of sound which is perfect for sound without losing space. It can be hooked up to most audio devices that support headphones. Great for having your robot talk/adding soundtracks to your electronics projects while conserving space.

The internal resistance/impedance of 8 ohms (most common for speakers) tells you what you need so you can determine the amount of current (Amps) your speaker will have running through it using Amps = volts/resistance where volts is the output voltage of your amplifier/audio producing device and resistance is the resistance of your speaker(s). This is useful for someone looking to hook up multiple speakers to one output.

Usage: DIY projects, Mobile, radio. Sound toys,MP3 and so on
Shape: Round
Diameter: 20 mm
Rated power: 1 W
Rated impedance: 8O
cable length 10cm

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