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 ZJ-18 50g Soldering Heatgun Flux Paste Grease heatgun paste
ZJ-18 50g Soldering Heatgun Flux Paste Grease heatgun paste
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ZJ-18 50g Soldering Solder Flux Paste Grease heatgun paste

Rosin flux is used to facilitate soldering. 
It cleans and prevents metal oxidation which allows solder to create strong, long lasting mechanical and electrical bonds. 
It also acts as a wetting agent, increasing the flow of solder and the efficiency of the soldering process.
Perfect for mobile phones, PC cards and other sophisticated electronic chip-level flux welding.

Non-corrosive: safe for IC and PCB.
Smoother welding surface.
High joint quality
Good insulation.
Neutral PH : 7 ± 0.3

Neutral PH : 7 ± 0.3
Gross weight :50 g (The label claim it is : 80g, but actually it is 50. Please notice this.)
Dimension : 48 x 48cm x 32cm

Package includes :
1 x 50g Soldering Paste
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