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 35W USB DC load resistance battery capacity tester
35W USB DC load resistance battery capacity tester
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35W USB DC load resistance electronic adjustable constant current industrial discharge 18650 resistance battery capacity tester

This is a device used to simulate an electrical load, usually for testing purposes. This discharge tester is used for testing a battery or power bank. It is easy to operate and can test battery within the range of 3 V ~ 21 V. It is designed with an aluminum heat sink and a fan for better heat dissipation, which will start automatically when the temperature exceeds 55 ° C and stops when temperature below 45 ° Features: There are 2 adjustment buttons, a coarse button and a fine button that can be used for fast and accurate current control. The input usb port is reversible for easy plug in which mean you don't have to worry about up or down position of it.
Designed with a high standard aluminum heat sink in the middle for better heat dissipation. 
The 2900 rmp cooling fan will work when the temperature is above 55 ° C and stops when the temperature is below 45 ° 
This electronic load is supplied with two crocodile jumper wires for easy connection. Specifications: Voltage range: 3-21 V DC Input & Output Port: Crocodile clips + USB receptacle + reversible USB Constant Discharging Current: 0.1-4.5A adjustable (coarse adjustment knob for 0-3A, fine adjustment knob for +/- 0.2A) Current Error: Less than 2% + 3mA Constant Nominal Discharge: 35 W (if voltage is 21 V, constant discharge current must be less than 1.6A) Size: 10.6x4x3.2 cm / 4.17x1.57x1.26 inch

Input interface / output interface: plug-in interface + USB input + with trigger USB port 
Operating voltage: DC3-25V (compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0 A and B protocol 5 v / 9 v / 12 v / 20 v) 
Operating current: 0.1-4.5A continuously adjustable (coarse adjustable 0.1-4.5A, fine adjustable +/- 0.2A) 
Current error: not more than 2% + 3mA 
Working power: not more than 35 w (high voltage, than the current is less than 1.8A, if not excessive power overload discharge tube overload) 
Fan regulator chip DC-DC chip switching frequency: 1.2 mhz 
Dual input interface: USB input / 3.5mm pitch screw compression type terminal input 
Power indicator: white LED 
Fan speed: 4010 large format fan, speed 2900 / min
Control chip: HIDACE constant current chip 
Potentiometer: metal material long-life potentiometer 
Button Material: Alloy CND Computer chime on both sides of the metal button 
Discharge tube type: imported voltage 100 v current 5A temperature-type discharge tube 
Product Size: 105 * 40 * 32mm 
Product weight: 70g 
Total weight of the product: 105g
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