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 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller 12V-24V LCD 2 USB
30A PWM Solar Charge Controller 12V-24V LCD 2 USB
SKU : SC30A-T6
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30A PWM Solar Charge Controller 12V-24V LCD Dual USB 5V Auto work

1. Build-in industrial micro controller.
2. Large LCD display, all adjustable parameter.
3. full 4-stage PWM cargo management.
4.Built-in short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse protection, overload protection.

5. Dual mosfet Reverse current protection, low heat production.
Rated charge current: 30A
Rated discharge current: 30A
Max. solar input: < 50V
Float charge voltage: 13.7V
Shutoff voltage of discharge: 10.7V
Recovering voltage of discharge: 12.6V
Output power(dual USB): 5V/3A
Standby current: < 10mA 
Operating temperature: -35'C to 60'C
System voltage: 12V/24V (Auto) 
Battery Option (GEL,LEAD-ACID,FLOODED,Lithium-ion LiFePO4)
Adjustable charge and discharge parameters 
Integrated 3 steps PWM charging management 
Safe protections: Short circuit/open circuit protection, overcurrent protection, reverse polarity protection
Dual MOS anti-backflow circuit, low heat dissipation 
Can charge for cell phones or tablet PCs via USB port 
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