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 100W Water Pressure Booster Pump Shower Home Electric Automation
100W Water Pressure Booster Pump Shower Home Electric Automation
SKU : WBP100W-T3S12
Stock : 24pcs
Price:PKR 11000.00
100W Water Pressure Booster Pump Shower Home Electric Automatic Stainless Steel Water Pump - 100W

This pump absolutely solves the lit fire properly of shower owing to the lower pressure and unreliable pressure. 
When the tap water is of low pressure, the pump can boost pressure. 
It can also boost pressure for solar water heaters, boost pressure and circulate water for industrial equipments, and increase oxygen for rearing ponds and fish tanks. 
The best feature is that it can suck tap water from one or two floor below directly, so it compeletely solves the problem that the higher floors do not have water while the lower floors have. 
Rated head: 10m/15m
Rated flow: 0.6m3/h
Voltage: 220v
Rotating speed: 2800r/mins
Power: 100w
Capacitance: 3uF/4uF
Frequency: 50Hz
Weight: about 2530g
Size: about 17.5*7.5*19.5cm/9*20*20cm 
- Simple operation and save power.
- Increase domestic water circulating system.
- Switches sensitively and automatically for starting well.
- The pump continuous duty motor quiet running low noise.
- The whole pump is sealed well and the conveyed water will be sanitary.
- The automatic switch adopts electronics theory for controlled by water current.
- The pump boosts pressure automatically when the tap is on, and turned off when the tap is off.
- Brass pump body, brass impeller and stainless steel shaft for durable using and corrosion-resistant.
- It is designed to be low temperature, small volumn, delicate appearance and long-working time.
- For use in pond or Fish tank to supply fresh oxygen avoid water contamination.
- For household cold/ hot water supply or circulation, it is fixed with automatic switch.
- Stainless steel shield provides a better performance, between the stator and rotor sets completely isolated, good heat dissipation.
- This pump is not to pump water from the source, this pump is to increase pressure into your house. 
Package included: 
1x Water Booster Pump
1x Sensor
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