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 3.3-5V Water Turbidity Arduino Mixed Water quality
3.3-5V Water Turbidity Arduino Mixed Water quality
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3.3-5V Water Turbidity Module Mixed Water Detection Turbidity Transducer

Turbidity is the measurement of particulate matter in water. It needs to be read by MCU analog port for calculation. It needs turbidity calibration liquid to calibrate. It is not to measure voltage directly with multimeter. The output voltage of each module is different. Module should avoid When light is used, the temperature of the light and temperature will make the voltage output from the module different. 0-4.5 is only the reference voltage.
Parameters: Voltage: 3.3-5V (with anti-reverse circuit)
Output: default analog (can set high and low output)
Measuring range: 0-1000 NTU

The turbidity sensor provides these turbidity measurements to a washing machine or dishwasher controller, with the washing machine and dishwasher controller determining the time of each wash cycle. These judgments are based on a comparison between the measured value of the purified water (measured at the beginning of the washing cycle) and the measured value of the washed water measured at the end of the washing.

By measuring the turbidity of the wash water, the washing machine can only wash the time required to wash the laundry which is not very dirty, thereby saving energy, so that the end user saves energy.

Sensor default out analog value 0~4.5V
Small breakout to detect analog treashold value to digital output
On board two LEDs, red power status, green digital output status LED (not very bright)
Cable length 20CM
Demo code to read analog or digital value please see our git demo code.
Default analog value output, switching jumper for digital output. Tuning on board potentiometer to change the analog threashold.
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