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 11mm 270mm Black Hot Glue Stick Adhesive Rod Hot M
11mm 270mm Black Hot Glue Stick Adhesive Rod Hot M
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0high viscosity Black Hot Glue Sticks Adhesive Rods Hot Melt Strips 1mmx270mm 

Dimensions: 11mm*270mm.
Material: EVA, Adhesive gum and Antioxidant.
High Temperature and Strong Sticky.
Sealed it and store in cool places.
Environment friendly.
Curing time: 10 to 15s
Softening point: 80 degrees to 85 degrees
The optimum temperature is between 140 degrees and 179 degrees
Using range: ceramics, electronics, paper, toys, home, leather and footwear and so on
The product need be used in conjunction with a glue gun
Note: Children should use the product with the parents's supervision.

package includes
1x 11mm 270mm black glue stick
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