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 8586A Digital hot air gun soldering desoldering station soldering iron heatgun
8586A Digital hot air gun soldering desoldering station soldering iron heatgun
SKU : 8586AHS-T6
Stock : 10pcs
Price:PKR 15000.00
8586A Digital hot air gun soldering desoldering station  station constant temperature

 The machine consists of hot-air gun and soldering station.
The hot air gun and soldering station can be used independently and do not interfere with each other.

Power: 700W
Operating voltage: 220AC  50Hz

? Heats up quickly, the temperature is accurate and stable, which is not affected by air volume, real soldering realization desoldering.
? The soldering station is particularly light, suitable for long-term use, especially for SMD components instructions for placement, repair and general-purpose welding components, as well as other various requirements for the welding process.
? Hot airflow adjustment, large air volume and soft, temperature, airflow adjustment is convenient, can be customized for different purposes.
? The hot air handle is equipped with an induction switch. As long as the handle enters the operating state, the system can quickly enter the operating mode. The handle is put into the handle and the system will go into standby mode.
? With temperature calibration function, easy to operate.
? The system has an automatic cooling function, it can extend the life of the heating element and protect the hot windbreaker.
? Perfect combination of "two in one", compact body shell design, durable, beautiful, occupy a small working surface.
? The original imported brushless fan life is extremely long, the noise is very small, the use of high-quality parking heaters, the same power can be doubled efficiency, effectively extend the life of the heater and save energy;
? Suitable for most surfaces - assembly parts for demolition welding, can be safe in welding QFP, PLCC, spo, BGA and other temperature sensitive components.
? Hot wind handle with one molding process, more durable, split design to save space for work.
1, all kinds of electronics industry and demolition factory welding operations.
2, thermal plastic welding industry operations.
3, household appliances and electronic products, maintenance, maintenance work.
4, all kinds of PVC / PE / PP / PVDF and other plastics, pipes, welding spot membrane sheet.
5, electronic colleges and universities teaching and practical application activities.
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