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 42-Piece Student Art Puzzle Painting Stationery Set STEMP kids Science Graffiti
42-Piece Student Art Puzzle Painting Stationery Set STEMP kids Science Graffiti
SKU : SDK42-T5
Stock : 77pcs
Price:PKR 300.00
42-Piece Student Art Puzzle Painting Stationery Set, Graffiti Watercolor Pen Set, The Best Gift for Children,Yellow

?Environmental plastic brush set, each with various colors, can draw your favorite paintings, can also make marks, draw multicolored color paintings, feel comfortable, is a good helper for painting hand-painted
? Unlimited creativity: It contains everything you need to create artistic creativity, materials for drawing quick sketches and color drafts, and creative painting materials on paper or canvas.
? Safety and quality are our main concerns: we all know that young children put everything in their mouths, and children's crayons must be non-toxic. Our batik crayon is made of non-toxic materials and is CE certified. In addition, our colored crayons won't break
?Color pen: neat, easy to take, easy to color; crayons: delicate, silky, easy to clean; oil paint color is high, easy to color, brush; watercolor pen, wearable, easy to use, smooth writing and painting; Watercolor pastries are full of bright colors and colors
? The best gift for your child: The art set is a great gift for toddlers and kids for the upcoming holiday season, Christmas, children's birthdays and parties. Popular accessories for classrooms, kindergartens and daycare

Product weight: about 237 grams
Product size: 23.5 * 13 * 3cm (packing box)

Set contains:
6 watercolor pens
10 color crayons
8-color wax stick
12 color pigment
1 pencil sharpener
1 piece of rubber
1 bottle of glue
1 paint brush
1 paper clip
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