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 PL-05N/2 Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch NPN NO
PL-05N/2 Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch NPN NO
SKU : PL05N2-D28S4
Stock : 100pcs
Price:PKR 400.00
PL-05N/2 Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch NPN NO for FOTEK DC 6-36V NO 5mm

Inductive Proximity Sensor PL-05N NPN Limit Switch is used for controlling machinery as part of a control system, as a safety interlock, or to count objects passing a point. A limit switch is an electromechanical device that consists of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts. When an object comes into contact with the actuator, the device operates the contacts to make or break an electrical connection. Being an inductive switch, no physical contact is required between the switch and the metalic surface being sensed.

Limit switches are used in a variety of applications and environments because of their ruggedness, ease of installation, and reliability of operation. They can determine the presence or absence, passing, positioning, and end of travel of an object. They were first used to define the limit of travel of an object; hence the name "Limit Switch".
Limit Switch devices are typically used with Laser Engraver or CNC based machines to sense the end of travel of an axis.

Typically used in CNC and Laser Engraving machines which uses a metal target to sense the end of travel on an axis.

Square Type
Sensing distance: 5mm
Operating voltage: DC 6-36V
Response frequency: 800Hz
Output method : NPN, 150mA load
Hysteresis: <10% of sensing distance
Protection degree: IP67
Working temperature/Hum : -20 ~ 80C, 35%~90%RH
Body dimension : 30.5 x 17.9 x 10.2mm, LxWxH
Mounting Method: Flush
Sensing Direction: Horizontal
Material Housing: High-impact plastic
Screw hole : 3.2mm, Pitch : 10.5mm
Wire length : 100cm (39-inch)

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