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 Mini Whetstone Strip Semicircle 150*12MM
Mini Whetstone Strip Semicircle 150*12MM
SKU : WS141-Q122S1
Stock : 30pcs
Price:PKR 100.00
Mini Whetstone Strip Semicircle 150*12MM

Green carbon stone, also known as green stone or blue stone, has high hardness and certain toughness, its hardness is second only to boron carbide stone, and the abrasive is sharp. Sharpening of high-speed steel knives can also be used for the polishing of thermal elements, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials. 

It can be used to polish and sharpen metal surfaces such as stone, knives, and lacquer.

This oilstone is made by high temperature sintering, carbon green, compact and delicate structure, with high hardness and strength. When grinding the workpiece, it can maintain the sharp edge and stable geometry for a long time. It is suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, precision measuring tools and instrument parts with high toughness, such as high finish requirements or sharp cutting tools and repairing workpieces
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