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 ESP8266 WIFI Relay Network Relay switch wifi switch home automation
ESP8266 WIFI Relay Network Relay switch wifi switch home automation
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ESP8266 WIFI Relay Network Relay

If you want a nice home automation application, or develop some smart home products, this ESP8266 10A 220V Network Relay WIFI Module will take charge of your electrical equipment by WIFI control.

In addition to the remote control of this relay has the advantage, it also has a wide input voltage range(DC7V-DC30V), and input over-voltage protection, input with TVS, as long as the input voltage exceeds 33v, it will automatically protect. Similarly, the input current exceeds a certain value will turn on automatic protection. The circuit board has an output status indicator and an input status indicator. It can be accessed through the TCP client server control can also be controlled through the HTTP protocol, the control of diverse and easy to operate.

ESP8266 10A 220V Network Relay WIFI Module Input DC 7V30V

Model: ESP8266
Color: Green
Size: 65mm 40mm 18mm
ISM: 2.4 GHz
PA:+ 25 dBm
Relay voltage: 220 V
Relay Current: 10 A
Input voltage: DC 7 V30 V
Input overvoltage protection: Yes
Input overcurrent protection: Yes

1. More safe with relays PCB pin anti-climb design.
2. With ESP8266 Wifi module,4-layers board design.
3. One output status indicator, one input status indicator.
4. 220V 10A relay, one normally open, one normally closed.
5. One way optocoupler isolation input, TVS input protection.
6. Access control server via TCP CLIENT mode Via HTTP protocol control.High-current terminals.
7. Input overvoltage protection, input with TVS, when voltage exceeds 33V, automatic protection will operate.

Package include:
1 x ESP8266 WIFI Module
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