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 HOTRC HT-6A 2.4G 6CH RC FPV Transmitter FHSS & 6CH
HOTRC HT-6A 2.4G 6CH RC FPV Transmitter FHSS & 6CH
Stock : 6pcs
Price:PKR 7800.00
HOTRC HT-6A 2.4G 6CH RC FPV Transmitter FHSS & 6CH Receiver With Box for FPV Drone RC Airplane RC Car RC Boat

It features high receiving sensitivity
Stable outputs and stable performance, easy to setup.
It be widely used for FPV Drone RC Airplane RC Car RC Boat.
With storage box,easy to store and carry.
Low power consumption and high receiver sensitivity.

Model type :Model airplane/Drone/Car/boat
Channels : 6CH
RF Range: 2.4Ghz ISM(2.4005-2.483.5GHz)
RF Power: <100mW
Modulation: GFSK
Spread spectrum: FHSS
Reaction speed: PWM <20ms SBUS:<6.8ms
RF Distance: Ground 400M Aerial: 800M
Receive sensitivity : <-97dbm
Transmitter voltage : DC 4.5V
Receiver voltage: DC 4.5V-6V
Weight : 310g
Certificate : CE0678 FCCID:

HT-6A-PWM Receiver
Size: 44 * 24 * 15mm
Weight 8.3G
Antenna Length: 90MM
Signal: PWM
Frequency: 2. 4Ghz (2 405Mh-2. 483 5Mhz)
Voltage range: DC 4.5V-9V
Code matching method: Code matching device

The 2.4GHz radio band is completely different from the low-frequency radio band used before.
Please ensure that the model product is flying within your eyesight when using it. Large
obstacles will block the radio frequency signal and cause the remote control failure and the model runaway
During the use, it is strictly forbidden to grip the transmitter antenna, otherwise it will reduced the quality and strength of the wireless
antenna propagation signal and may cause the remote control and the model out of control.
After operating or using the model, do not touch any parts that may be hot, such as
engines, motors, constant speed equipment,etc. These parts may be very hot and may cause severe burns.
Improper use of remote control equipment may cause serious injury or even death to the operator or others; to ensure the safety of you
and the equipment, please read the instruction manual carefully and operate as required.
Make sure that the product and model are installed correctly before use, otherwise the model may be seriously damaged.·

Do not use it at night or in thunderstorms. The bad weather conditions may cause the 
remote control device to malfunction. Do not use this product in rain orsnow or in 
water. Liquid entering may cause unstable operation or equipment failure. Signal interference may cause the device to go out of control. To ensure the safety of you and others, please do not use this product at the following locations. 

Boot step: 
Please follow the steps below to boot:
1.Connect the accessories correctly: The transmitter battery is powered and installed correctly
.The receiver is not powered and the channel interface is installed correctly
. The transmitter and receiver have beensuccessfully matched to the code.
2.Turn on the transmitter.
3.Turn on the receiver power and the receiver LED is always on.
4.Boot is complete.
Code step: 
The transmitter and receiver are not matched to the code before leaving the factory
. Please follow the steps below before using the code:
1.Turn off the transmitter.
2.Insert the code line correctly into the receiver "BING" interface.
3.Insert the ESC signal line correctly into the “CH3” channel, and the receiver LED will flash.
4.First adjust the transmitter throttle stick to thelowest position, turn on the transmitter power switch, and the receiver LED will go out.
5.Unplug the code line. At this time, the receiver LED will be on constantly, indicating that the code is successful.

Receiver LED status:
Blinking : Indicates that power is on, no signal, no match. 
Steady on: The match is successful.
Shutdown step: 
1.Disconnect the receiver from the powersupply
2.Turn off the transmitter.
Note: Before turning off, be sure to disconnect the receiver and then turn off the transmitter.If the transmitter is forcibly turned off first, it may cause the equipment get out of control or cause accidents as the engine continue to work. 
Matters needing attention: 
When the transmitter emits a beep alarm sound and the indicator flashes, it means the
transmitter.If the power is insufficient, please replace the battery immediately
When the transmitter emits a"Bi Bi" alarm soundand the indicator light flashes, it indicates that the transmissionThe battery is low, please replace the battery
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