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 ZH-W0 WIFI single double color p10 rgb display led
ZH-W0 WIFI single double color p10 rgb display led
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ZH-W0 WIFI single double color p10 rgb display led control card ZH-W0

Function advantages:
Truly free wiring; simple operation; without any subsequent cost; simple point to point communication; can automatically search WiFi network and establish reliable connection.

Data transmission:
1. In general, laptop can spread through the distance of 100 meters directly; desktop computer can communicate with wireless controller through the wireless network card.
2. Laptop can connect directly, control card owns router function; desktop can connect through the wireless net card.
3. Available in the area with WiFi coverage, such as airport, high-speed rail station, smart building, etc.

Technical parameters:
Main functions: data wireless transparent transmission; support 100M Ethernet net; support TCP/IP/UDP network protocol stack; support routing/bridge model network frame; support 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards.

Maximum power: =3W
distance suggestion: =100 meters)
Wireless standard: 802.11 b/g/n
Working voltage: +4.5V~6V
Working temperature: -30?~70?
Working frequency band: 2.412 GHz to 2.484 GHz
Configuration antenna: 2.4 GHz special inside-antenna
Maximum transmission distance: 200M (the actual application transmission
Receiving sensitivity: = (802.11 b: - 89 DBM, 802.11 g: - 81 DBM, 802.11 n: - 71 DBM)

Application note:
1. The latest research products; compact structure; fine craft; concise installation;
2. Please use waterproof protection when you use it outdoors;
3. Pay attention to the placement of the antenna, the controller chip antenna should be placed outside.

You can download the software in our official website The download center has software and technical instruction.

1. No wire connection . 
2. Easy to use. 
3. No more cost. 
4. Point to point communication. 
5. Searching for wifi
automatically and connect it realiablly.
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