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 10 Meters 9mm Flexible Wire Spiral Wrap Cable Sleeve Sleeving Tube
10 Meters 9mm Flexible Wire Spiral Wrap Cable Sleeve Sleeving Tube
SKU : B10M9WT-T6S9
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10 Meters 9mm Black Flexible Wire Spiral Wrap Cable Sleeving Tube

CABLE MANAGEMENT FOR CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL LOOK: Eliminate messy cable tangles by using this spiral cable to organize them. Perfect solution to protect your cable, cords and wires from abrasion, damage, wear and tear. 
You can even use it for managing multiple cables such as wire harnesses to organize the wire mess..
EASY TO INSTALL: Simply cut the wrap to the length you require. Begin looping this wrap around the bundle of cables. 
If you need a cable to break out from the rest, this spiral design makes it neat and easy..
WIDE USAGE: It is mainly used to cover cables, wire harnesses, tubes, industrial hoses where there is a need of a good mechanical Protection. Can be used as a desk cable organizers, wire organizer, wire sheath, cord bundler wire wrap, spiral hose wrap, desktop cable organizer bag cable organizer, charger cable organizer, tv cable organizer, spiral cord wrap, cable spiral wrap, travel cable organizer, phone cable organizer, and much more..
HIGHLY COMPLIANT: This spiral wrap is RoHS Compliant..
This Black Spiral Cable Wrap is 10 meters long (33 feet) and has
an adjustable diameter of 9mm to 65mm. Use this product to manage
multiple cable runs of varying lengths. You need only cut the
cable wrap to the needed length and then wrap your cable in it to
reduce unsightly and possibly unsafe cable messes around the
office, home, work shop or anywhere else where a cluster of
cables is causing issues.

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