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 RFID PVC Contact Card SLE4428 4442 Chip Smart IC Card 4428
RFID PVC Contact Card SLE4428 4442 Chip Smart IC Card 4428
SKU : 4428RC-Q161F3B
Stock : 456pcs
Price:PKR 120.00
Contact 4442 IC RFID card printing member card Smart IC card 4428

Size: 85.6*54mm
Thickness: 0.76mm
Surface: waterproof and glossy
Chip: 4428
Material: PVC
Absorb ink: normal dye ink or pigment ink
Print tool: Epson or Canon printer

SLE4428 is one of the most common chip that used in security area. SLE4428 has a PSC verification logic. All memory except for the PSC, can always be read. The memory can be written or erased only after PSC verification. The error counter can always be written. After eight successive incorrect entries the error counter will block any subsequent attempt at PSC verification, hence any possibility to write and erase.

-1024 x 8 bit EEPROM organization
-Byte-wise addressing
-Irreversible byte-wise write protection
-1024 x 1 bit protection memory organisation
-Serial three-wire bus
-End of programming indicated on data output
-Data retention for minimum of ten years
-Contact configuration and serial interface in accordance
-ISO standard 7816 (synchronous transmission)
-Data can only be changed after entry of the correct
-2-byte programmable security code (PSC)

Pharmaceutical supply chain management
Rental and library management
Container identification
Pallet and case tracking
Supply chain management
Parcel handling Factory automation Asset management
Anti-counterfeit protection Access control
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