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 USB Type B Female to 2.54mm Header Breakout socket
USB Type B Female to 2.54mm Header Breakout socket
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USB-05 USB type B DIP Adapter Socket DIP female socket

This is a USB Type B Female to 2.54mm (0.1?) header breakout adapter that can accept a printer style USB cable.

This connector is the same as you find on many Arduino boards, printers and other equipment.

These adapters ship with a strip of male header pins that can be soldered on.  The header can be soldered on the bottom of the adapter if you want to plug this into a breadboard.  If the header is soldered to the top of the adapter, female jumpers can be used to attach to the adapter.  Wires can also be soldered directly to the board if the header is not used.

These can be useful for implementing a physical USB port on a breadboard or to use it to bring in power from a computer or other USB port.  The board has 2 M3 size holes that can be used for mounting if desired.

Module Connections
The adapter brings out the 4 USB pins as listed below.

1 x 4 Header

VBUS = USB Power (4.75 – 5.25V)
D- =     Data – (USB differential data line – )
D+ =    Data + (USB differential data line +)
GND = Ground
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