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 ODE three-way solenoid valve normally open/closed
ODE three-way solenoid valve normally open/closed
SKU : LBV230-D68S8
Stock : 149pcs
Price:PKR 500.00
ODE two-position three-way solenoid valve normally open/closed coffee machine inlet/outlet solenoid valve

Applicable water temperature: 120-135 degrees
Applicable pressure: 0-15 bar 
voltage: AC230V-240V
weight: 92 g

ODE is an excellent solenoid valve manufacturer of the world’s major brands. Since it can use plastic materials instead of yellow Copper material must be produced after countless technical tests and practical inspections. Since it dares to produce products, there is no need to worry about the quality. Please feel free to use it.
When energized, Nozzle 1 and 2 are turned on or opened, and the third outlet is closed. When the power is off, 1 and 3 are turned on, and the second outlet is closed.
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