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 3mm 15X12 Inches Plastic Acrylic Sheet craft sheet Plexiglass Board transparent
3mm 15X12 Inches Plastic Acrylic Sheet craft sheet Plexiglass Board transparent
SKU : AS1215-T4
Stock : 10pcs
Price:PKR 550.00
3mm 15X12 inch 381x305mm Plastic Acrylic Sheet craft sheet Plexiglass Board transparent robot chassis sheet

Material: Acrylic transparent
Size: 15 inch (381mm) X 12 inch (305mm)
Thickness: 3mm

Lightweight and impact resistant
Uniform thickness and smooth finish
Better impact resistance than glass
Strong and durable
Chemical resistant
Easy to clean
Low moisture absorption rate
10 year outdoor guarantee
Up to 92% light transmission - higher than most traditional types of glass
Sheet manufacturing process: Extruded 
Can be written on with a whiteboard marker pen
Supplied with protective film on both sides

Unlike Glass, Acrylic sheets are manufactured by extruding the resin over a production line which offers a uniform thickness and an excellent surface finish. A superb replacement for glass in a number of applications, Clear Acrylic is as much as ten times more resistant to impact than glass and has excellent UV stability. This makes it a popular choice of material for replacement greenhouse panels and secondary glazing, where it can offer 15-20 years of flawless service in all weathers. It performs well wherever a strong, lightweight and shatterproof material is required – particularly in environments where safety is a concern.

Acrylic Sheet is a glazing, signage, window or display material that is unaffected by moisture, and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. suitable for ROBOT chassis and DIY projects.
Acrylic offers high light transmittance and can be easily heat-formed without loss of optical clarity.
Flame resistance: no spontaneous but belongs to flammable items, do not have self-extinguishing Good printing and coating High wear resistance, good stability and corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals Have match the light transmittance of glass, and light transmittance over 92%.
but the density is only half of the glass. the light is downy, clear vision high hardness and luster in the surface with good high temperature performance.
Good process ability, both can be used hot forming, can also use mechanical processing way.
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