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 bubble creator blow bubble gun motor peristaltic pump blowing pump
bubble creator blow bubble gun motor peristaltic pump blowing pump
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bubble blow bubble motor with peristaltic pump with blowing pump

You can blow bubbles by making some soapy water and electrifying it. The battery can be connected in series with 2 or 3 AA batteries or any other 5V DC source. It is a good DIY product. Hurry up and make a cool bubble creator for your little friends at home!

  The working principle of the movement is roughly as follows: when the motor is running, the peristaltic pump presses the soap liquid through the liquid inlet pipe into the material trough of the foaming nozzle, and the rotating rod in the foaming nozzle continuously brings the soap liquid to the foaming port, and at the same time The air flow of the hair dryer can continuously blow bubbles.

  The air intake pipe is installed on the sealed soap bottle cap to supplement the air. If it is not a sealed soap bottle, you can leave it alone.

  There are many formulas of soap liquid, and I recommend one: detergent

Applicable voltage DC 3V to 5V
Weight 43 grams
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