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 STEM remote control wind ship boat model scientific experiment invention
STEM remote control wind ship boat model scientific experiment invention
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Remote control wind ship model scientific experiment invention
This is a wind-powered remote control boat that exercises hands-on ability. Owning a self-made boat is a natural dream of every childhood child, and it is also the thing they feel most fulfilling. 
The feelings of making it by yourself are completely different from the feelings of buying directly. The toys you buy may be tired after playing with them, but a thing made by yourself will generally be particularly interested and cherished, and it will also enhance the child's scientific exploration thinking.
Purchase note: Two bottles, batteries, and color paints. Red flags need to be prepared by themselves (square or polygonal bottles are recommended, not round bottles) 
Note for use: The main control circuit board has no waterproof function. Please do not use it in rain. This model can only be driven on calm waters. (It is recommended to drive in parks, pools and ponds with lakes)
Function description: forward, backward, left turn, right turn, forward left turn or right turn can be performed at the same time, the same is true for backward, the wireless remote control distance is up to 30 meters.
Sailing speed: about 3 seconds before 1 meter
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