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 stethoscope school experimental science kit doctor STEM DIY
stethoscope school experimental science kit doctor STEM DIY
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stethoscope elementary school experimental science kit
The stethoscope is the most commonly used diagnostic tool for internal and external gynecologists and pediatricians. It is a symbol of physicians. Modern medicine began with the invention of the stethoscope. I remember that when we were young, our doctors would hold stethoscopes to listen to the sounds from our bodies. Do you want to know the principle of a stethoscope? Then let us explore the mystery together with the following scientific experiment equipment!
Experimental focus: The stethoscope uses the principle of sound and vibration transmission.
The purpose of the experiment:1. Understand the stethoscope briefly to understand its structure 2. Know the use of the stethoscope in life
Experimental cognition: The stethoscope uses two principles: vibration produces sound, and sound is vibrating . There is a vibrating film in front of the stethoscope. The vibration of human organs drives the vibrating diaphragm of the stethoscope. The vibrating plate vibrates to produce sound, and the sound can be transmitted in a solid. Therefore, the sound produced by the vibrating film is transmitted to the ear through the solid body.
Sound is a kind of vibration transmission. When it propagates forward in the air, it has to be absorbed by the air, so the distance of propagation is not long, but in some solid materials, the sound can travel very far. In ancient times, there was a method of "listening to the ground" to judge the enemy's situation, and we could hear trains coming from far away from the railroad tracks. The principle of the earliest stethoscope was exactly this, using solid to transmit sound. The use of sound concentrated in the air in the tube reduces the dispersion of the sound and increases the loudness of the sound. This is the working principle of the stethoscope.
Product size: 83*11cmProduct packaging size: 14*20*3cmProduct net weight: 40g/set
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