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 STEM Hand-crank electricity generator science kit experiment DIY School STEAM
STEM Hand-crank electricity generator science kit experiment DIY School STEAM
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Hand-cranked electricity generator science experiment DIY invention material
Learn basic Science experiments through , understand the basic principles, and help children learn, think and explore.
The basic Science experiments kit includes everything that you need to get started, provides a hands-on opportunity for students to build simple models.
Science Kits for Kids Age 5-12 : Encourage Your kids to build and enjoy the endless fun of DIY science activities. Perfect gifts recommended for teens age 5 years and up.
Endless fun! Variety of Science tool toys kit, which is an early hands-on scientific exploration for boy or girl kids scientists
Early STEM skills. This is a creativity toy kit to use kids' brain and stimulate it.
Doing science experiments is perfect for promoting kids' thinking, science and math skills, and problem solving skills.
Are you looking for a creative intelligence toy for your kids? This model will be your best choice. This product is a manual experiment assembly model for childern and students which can assembly themselves.
It is excellent for developmental skills and learning minds.
Electricity is a very important energy source in modern society. If there is no electricity, human society will return
Return to the primitive era.
Electricity is energy that exists in nature itself. The process of generating electricity by a generator simply moves the electrical particles in an object to form current and voltage, which generates electricity used in our lives.
We will understand how electricity is produced through small production experiments.
- Product name: Hand crank generator
- Main materials: Environmental protection wood, electronic accessories
- Experimental role: improve hands-on operation ability
- Dimensions: Length: 70m ; width:50mm; height: 55mm
- Develop awareness: exercise children's hands-on skills, understand the principles of generators, understand DC and AC

Package Including
1pcs set of educational toy

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