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 TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer Smart Auxiliary Leveling 255*255*260mm
TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer Smart Auxiliary Leveling 255*255*260mm
Stock : 5pcs
Price:PKR 120000.00
TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer Smart Auxiliary Leveling 255*255*260mm

95% assembled, Almost ready to use, just few parts needs to assemble. 

XY-3 SE 3D printer integrates the functions of 3D printing to meet more needs of users and have more powerful functions.

Handle: Newly added handle function, more user-friendly functions, making it convenient for users to carry, and more convenient to go out or carry.

Grid glass platform: The newly upgraded glass platform makes the hotbed heat up faster, prints better adhesion, does not warp, easier to take the model, and the print quality is more refined.

More Function: Filament Detection, The sensor will pause printing and issue an alarm when the filament is insufficient, Resume Print, One click to resume from the last recorded position when suffering power outages,

TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printers
Single Head 
XY-3 SE is a new machine newly launched by TRONXY. lattice glass, TR sensor, silent motherboard and other high-quality accessories, TRONXY strives to make your prints more perfect.

Tool list
allen wrench
slotted screwdriver
T-shaped hexagon wrench
render with SD card
hot end (spare parts)

Print size: 255*255*260mm
Print accuracy0.1-0.3mm
Print principleFDM (fused deposition molding)
Nozzle size0.4mm
Nozzle quantity1
Print speed20-150mm/s (advise 60mm/s)
Position accuracyX/Y-0.00625mm, Z -0.00125mm
Filaments support: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU

Packing list
lipper bracket & Base-1pcs
Handle & Filament bracket-1pcs
Lattice Glass & Lattice glass clamp-1pcs
Power line & USB cable-1pcs
10mPLA (Color random)-1pcs
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