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 IMAX AC DC B3+ 3S lipo battry Balance Charger Aero
IMAX AC DC B3+ 3S lipo battry Balance Charger Aero
SKU : B3plus-F15A
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Price:PKR 750.00
Technical Parameters:
1. Input voltage range: 10-20V DC, 15V 2A power adapter included
2. 12V battery charging can be used directly or the power adapter and car power
Adapter (built-in input reverse polarity protection).
3. Output Current: 800mAh;
4. cut way: intelligent automatic voltage detection;
5. Rechargeable Battery Type: Rechargeable Version 3S 11.1V;
6. Specification: 68 * 47 * 20mm;
7. Power: 12V 2A


  11.1V lithium battery balance charger, you can give 11.1V lithium battery charging, overcharge protection, can automatically detect the voltage of each cell, no artificial setting, when plugged in the power indicator red light, connection
When the lithium battery and balanced interface, charging indicator green light, when the voltage is filled close to saturation (at 4.17V above, green charge indicator starts flashing, and after saturation voltage off.)
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