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 8-Bit Digital LED Tube 8-Bit TM1638 Key Display Mo
8-Bit Digital LED Tube 8-Bit TM1638 Key Display Mo
SKU : 7Seg8B-C178
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Price:PKR 450.00
With 8 keys, 8 LED, 8-bit digital tubes common cathode;
Can directly connect with singlechip such as STC;
Provide Ardiuno driving program;
Adopt TM1638 chip, has the common peripheral circuit in the mentioned 3 singlechips. Its most remarkable feature is it only needs 3 IO of the single chip to drive, scan display and key scan do not need singlechip but register to transmit data or test keys, meantime saving MCU source.

Wire Connecting Method: Connect VCC GND to 5V power, connect  STB CLK DIO to singlechip IO port.

Features: Chip:TM1638 Rated Voltage:DC 12V Input Current:0.24A Using power CMOS process Display mode :10 segments 8 bits Scanning :(8 × 3bit) Brightness adjustment circuit (duty cycle 8 adjustable) A serial interface (CLK, STB, DIO) Oscillation mode: RC oscillator (450KHz + 5%)  Built-in power-on reset circuit Chip Footprint:SOP28 With 8 keys Wiring:VCC GND connected to 5V power supply, STB CLK DIO connected to microcontroller IO port 
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